The Fiddle and Song curriculum is the perfect sequenced fiddling companion to traditional and beginner violin studies, carefully coordinated with the pedagogy and teaching points of Suzuki Book 1 and early Book 2.   It’s groundbreaking in that it is a multi-level book that teaches the harmony (chords) and back up rhythms as well as the melody through singing from the very beginning using fun traditional fiddle tunes that are a hit with kids of all ages!


Fiddle and Song is two books in one as the left side provides the chords, the melody, the words, intros and tags and tips on how to make it sound like fiddling.   The right side provides creativity ideas to make simple fiddle breaks, add licks, simple harmony parts and a more advanced fiddle break for teachers or more advanced students.   The book also includes back-up parts for playing with the Cello as well as viola versions and guitar chords. Piano accompaniments are also for sale!


-21 fun fiddle or folk song standards taught in sequence to reinforce the skills of Suzuki Books 1 and 2

-Technique tips and fiddle tips for correct violin technique while teaching tricks to make the fiddle music sound authentic

-Learn the chords, the backup part, the melody, kick-offs, tag endings and licks ideas for creating breaks for each tune 

- Great for group classes and performances and multi-level instruction with simple harmony and “fancy fiddle” breaks for each tune on the right side teacher page

- Creativity and beginner improvisation ideas, including a lick library for Boil the Cabbage down to create your own mix-and match version of the tune using controlled improvisation

-Includes MP3 cd with complete tracks, backup-tracks and tempo changing software